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Beck Siàn: Listen

The Ghost of Lady Ivy

(Beck Siàn)
February 3, 2015
Beck Siàn


The Ghost Of Lady Ivy

First I feel you on the breeze

Then I hear you in the trees

Glass-like chimes as icy leaves

Are distressed

By your sodden, hanging sleeves


She is here with every snowflake

Every star glimmering

Floating through stark woods

Shadowed by foxes

Her pale face watching you

In the lingering snowy half-light

Endlessly she searches

Long red curls: a gown of ivy green


She is the Winter

So cold: She is Lady Ivy

The Winter is She

So cold: She is Lady Ivy


A shadowy form gliding

A mist above the whiteness

She disappears under the leaves

The scene is soundless

And there’s her body

Beneath the tree

Smothered by strands of ivy



Words and music by Beck Siàn

Keyboards and vocals by Beck Siàn

Recorded by Beck Siàn and Jonathan Kershaw

Thanks to Jacqueline Andrews for my ‘Lady Ivy’ nickname!