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Beck Siàn: News

'Tis the spooky season... - October 21, 2013

I love this time of year. Misty, damp air and drab skies. I always sing about ghosts and supernatural themes, but now is the perfect time to really get spooky. I'm very excited about the next series of gigs with Jonathan Kershaw, as part of our Beautiful Ghosts & Bizarre Tales Tour. Please join us for some Celtic-fusion-ghostliness and dark, romantic folk-noir:

Friday 25th October - Chichester Inn, Chichester, West Sussex

Saturday 26th October - Ye Olde House At Home pub, Worthing, West Sussex

Sunday 27th October - Old Silent Inn, Stanbury, West Yorkshire

Tuesday 28th October - Wuthering Heights Inn, Stanbury, West Yorkshire

Thursday 31st October - Ye Olde John O'Gaunt, Lancaster

Saturday 2nd November - The Moorings Pub & Kitchen, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Sunday 3rd November - Hole Note Acoustic Club, The Admiral Lord Rodney, Colne, Lancashire


Best Wishes, cobwebs and thunderstorms,

Beck xxx

The next gig! - October 16, 2013

Beck Siàn and Jonathan Kershaw will be performing at The Chichester Inn, Chichester, West Sussex on Friday 25th October, as part of their 'Beautiful Ghosts & Bizarre Tales Tour'. It's going to be a great night and Beck and Jonathan would love to see you there. Please email for more information, and you can get your tickets now for only £7.70 from

or for £8.00 on the night.

A New Website! - July 31, 2013

There's a brand new and exciting website featuring Beck Siàn & Jonathan Kershaw. Please go and take a look at

"... Romantic, haunting vocals together with Celtic fused, emotive guitar..."

Beck Sian - The First Recording - July 11, 2013

Beck has recently re-discovered the one and only copy of her first ever recording, which features Beck playing bass guitar (!) and singing covers of songs by Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Heather Nova. We have decided to duplicate it and sell it but we're going for the no-frills approach with this one. For £6.00 you will receive a copy of this rare disc, printed in colour on the disc, and with a photocopied sheet with info about the songs and the recording, but there's no fancy packaging or plastic jewel case, so it's only £6.00 including postage.

There are five songs on the CD... Beck's interpretations of 'Light Years' by Heather Nova, 'Song for Eric/Cornflake Girl' and 'The Waitress' by Tori Amos, plus 'Breathing' and 'Wow' by Kate Bush.

Available now from the BUY page on this website.

Elemental Ball - July 2, 2013

Beck is very excited about her next performance... It's going to be an amazing evening! You can still get tickets for the Elemental Ball in Keighley, West Yorkshire on Sat 20th July. Inkubus Sukkubus are headlining, with support from Beck Siàn, Jonathan Kershaw, Soul Takers and Silver Trees. The evening kicks off at 7pm, at The Octagon, Bradford Road, Riddlesden, Keighley, BD20 5LY. Tickets are only £15, available here:

The LIVE CD! - June 10, 2013

Well, we recorded the concert in the spectacular ballroom at The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury, on Friday night. As per usual with my concerts, it was all quite mad and sparkly. Lots of spontaneous ad libs, getting words wrong, funny occurrences... and it was all captured on a recording! I performed songs with my friends Dan Sullivan, Chris Thorn and Ash Mandrake, and as well as some of my favourite songs to sing from my three CDs, we also played with a few very exciting cover songs! Steve Palmer and I have to go through it now and do a wee bit of editing and I'll be adding a live bonus track or two, and will then be getting it printed at the end of June and sent out to everyone in July.

I'm only getting 50 copies printed and they will be signed and numbered, and will come with some photos and memorabilia from the night. 

I've pre-sold 41 of them. If you are interested in having a copy for your collection, please order yours now on the BUY page. Only 9 left!

Love and sparkles,

Beck xx

Beck Sian & Jonathan Kershaw Tour - May 24, 2013

The Beautiful Ghosts & Bizarre Tales Tour

I'm rather excited to announce that I am about to embark upon a most marvellous adventure (ie: TOUR) with the sublimely talented guitarist and songwriter, Jonathan Kershaw. 

Jonathan and I both seem to possess a rather wicked sense of humour, so expect lots of banter and shenanigans, not to mention absolutely awesome guitar playing by Jonathan, providing a lovely balance to my spooky, ethereal, folk noir singing and lovely, dark old traditional ballads. We're taking bookings for the rest of this year,  and all of 2014, for our 'Beautiful Ghosts & Bizarre  Tales Tour'.
Please visit Jonathan's website to see/hear him in action, and please let us know if you'd like us to perform at your venue, or perhaps even a house concert in your own home! Message me for more information (, love Beck xxx

LIVE CD to be recorded soon!! - May 7, 2013

You can pre-order your copy of Beck's first and only 'LIVE' Concert CD. Only 50 copies will be printed in this first run, with no certainty that further copies will be printed. This will be a live recording of the concert on Friday 7th June in the haunted ballroom at The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Beck will be performing songs from her three CDs, by herself and in duet with her dear friends Dan Sullivan, Chris Thorn and Ash Mandrake. Steve Palmer has kindly agreed to mix/master the CD for Beck. The concert/CD will feature a didgeridoo duet by Beck and Chris, as well as some special cover songs by Beck and Dan, and Beck and Ash. New material will also be featured. £20.00 will secure your numbered and signed CD (one of only 50 printed), including postage, and some photos and memorabilia from the night. You can pre-pay now on the BUY page and your CD/package will be sent to you as soon as it is ready after the concert :-)

April Concert with Didgman Chris Thorn - March 24, 2013

Beck Sian and Chris ‘Didgman’ Thorn in concert!

Two didgeridoos and a unique musical journey!


Oswestry-based didgeridoo healer Chris Thorn will be performing a very special and unique concert with Australian singer/songwriter Beck Sian on Friday 5th April in the Pant Village Hall.

Known for her Ethereal Ghost-Folk and mood-driven, alternative takes on old supernatural ballads, Beck taught herself to sing by mimicking her famous relative, English singer Kate Bush.

Beck has gone on to develop a unique style of her own, and her audiences enjoy her candid story-telling and cheeky humour as much as her emotive and haunting songs.

“Back in Australia, I have a great friend named Stax - The Didgeman. He is a gifted didgeridoo player and I was fortunate to have a few lessons in how to play one, before I moved here. Then I was singing at the Maesbury Marsh Canal festival last year and I met Chris ‘Didgman’ Thorn. Chris is not only a wonderful didgeridoo player and musician, but he is also a healer. Listening to him play is a beautiful, dreamy experience.”

“Chris and I decided to try combining my singing with his “didgeridooing” and the result is very lovely. We performed a little lunchtime concert together at Powis Castle back in January and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to hire a hall and put on a full concert.”

“Our concert at Pant Village Hall will be a very unique musical journey and will include songs from my three albums, performed by Chris and I on guitar and didgeridoo. I’ll be doing some improvisational singing and chanting with Chris’ meditative, healing compositions, and I’ll join Chris in a didgeridoo duet!!”

Friday 5th April

Pant Village Hall, near Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9QS

7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)

Tickets £7.00, available on the door.

Please bring your own drinks and snacks.

Please email Beck for more information:


Further information about Chris Thorn and didgeridoos...

Chris Thorn moved up to Shropshire from Gloucester in 2008, where he worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for over 30 years.

Chris has had a passion for the Didgeridoo since 1996 when he was given a didgeridoo as a gift. Chris played it just as a hobby until he was invited to play in a band.

To improve his playing he had lessons with a Didgeridoo master, Sam Bloomfield from Stroud who is a healer involved in many forms of complimentary medicines.

Chris attended a Didgeridoo workshop run by Sam and learnt the amazing healing effects of the Didgeridoo.

The Didgeridoo is one of the oldest musical instruments known to man. It creates a sonic sound 500 times greater than a normal sound system. The low frequencies have a noticeable effect on living tissue and organs. It was used by the Aborigines who played near sick people to help them heal. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that the low vibrations of the Didgeridoo have a healing influence on our bodies and indeed our mind. Studies dating back to the 1970's using sound healing with the Didgeridoo showed remarkable beneficial effects on people with chronic back problems with a conclusion that the Didgeridoo bypasses the central nervous system and goes directly to the parts where the problem areas lie. People, previously completely paralysed, could actually move their limbs after a series of controlled sessions.

Chris is also a Reiki Master and combines both Reiki and Didgeridoo sound healing

Chris, who is affiliated to the College of Sound Healing, changed his name to 'The Chris Thorn Didgeridoo Healing Centre' in 2011.

A February Message - February 11, 2013

February Greetings from Beck Siàn & The Haunted Forest


Outside the sun is shining and the sky is bright and pale blue. I’ve opened the window and a fresh, almost Spring-like scent is curling and dancing into the room. I spotted snowdrops bobbing in the breeze on my walk down the hill into Welshpool this morning.


The writing for my two new CDs is going well – I already have far too many lyrics and ideas, and some will be lost and left behind along the way, perhaps to be used somewhere else in future.


As with my past three recordings, there will be a mixture of my own words and those of one of my favourite poets. Tennyson and Hardy joined the party on my first two CDs, and Longfellow came for a walk across the moors with me on my last CD ‘Ye Olde Silent Inn’. Actually, Longfellow’s words and I have become such good friends and he is still very much a part of my life. We spend many evenings together. Some of his poems are insisting on being included on my two new CDs, and I now have the challenge and joy of setting them to music.


I have yet to decide on names for the new CDs… I affectionately think of them as ‘My Dark Project’ and ‘Cold Robins’. I won’t try to force the final titles upon these song collections… I will let them come naturally…


In the meantime, ‘My Dark Project’ is very much about vampires and supernatural romances, and haunted houses. I’m having a glorious time writing for this one. I’m enjoying being able to freely tap into the slightly gothic, melancholic and dramatic parts of myself. In fact, I think this one is going to be a little bit sexy J


‘Cold Robins’ is to be a Wintery treat… snow and ice, frost and more frost. I have composed an instrumental piece on piano, at the moment called ‘Frost’. It is a cold, poignant song and I feel like I’m slipping backwards through time as I play it. There will be lots of frosty  ivy and icy holly, and of course, some cold little robins.

Singing with LEGEND - February 9, 2013

It gives me great happiness to announce that I will now be singing with a fabulous prog band called LEGEND!!

I have started recording some vocals with Steve Paine of LEGEND, for the new CD, 'Spirit', and I am looking forward to doing some more recording later this month. 

Steve Paine, spokesperson for LEGEND says,

"We are very happy to announce that LEGEND has found a new vocalist is the
shape of Beck Sian. Beck has released three exceptional solo recordings and
we are delighted that she has decided to join LEGEND as her voice adds
significantly to our new sound. 

We are now able to finish recording our new album Spirit which we expect to
be released in late summer / early autumn. Look out for previews of the new
album over the next couple of months. 

In the meantime do check out Beck's solo albums, she has unique style that I
am sure many LEGEND fans will appreciate! Beck will be continuing with her
solo career and her future projects may include collaborations with LEGEND
members who knows... 

We are looking forward to an exciting new chapter in LEGEND's story"

Please take a look at

for loads of information about LEGEND.

WeeeeHeeee!! So much fun!!

Love Beck xxx

" LEGEND transcends such genre categorizations as Neo-Prog, Heavy Metal, Prog Folk, etc. They have a unique sound all of their own". South Side of the Sky -

"Grandiose, over the top and self-indulgent. Just as good Prog should be!" Powerplay Magazine

"These folks can make a racket one minute, be alluringly subtle the next, and are extremely good at both!" Dewey Gurall - Progression Magazine

Special Offer!! - January 20, 2013

SPECIAL OFFER!! Pick any of my songs... And I will handwrite the lyrics for you and decorate the page with some relevant ornamental doodlings :-) Only £15 including postage. Please send me a message (email:, including your email address (so I can send you an invoice), your song choice and your postal address (so I can send you the completed creation :-). Any money raised will go towards my music projects. Thanks lovelies xxx

Happy New Year!! - December 31, 2012

Dear lovelies,

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown an interest in my music this year. I really appreciate you. Thanks for coming on this musical journey with me. Lots planned for 2013!! Wishing you so much happiness and joy, and sparkly wonderfulness, for 2013,


Love Beck xxx

'Tis the season to be jolly... - December 20, 2012

Dear lovely people,

Here we are again... An old year ending; a new one soon to begin, another chapter closing; new journeys and adventures just around the corner. I feel inspired, excited and enthusiastic about what I hope to achieve in 2013.

Music Projects and Collaborations

I intend to release two CDs in 2013!! Both will be slightly shorter than my previous CDs, and both will have strong themes, concepts and imagery. One will be a seasonal, frosty collection of Winter songs. The other will be a darker collection, allowing me to explore and experiment with my love of metal ballads and gothic themes and sounds. I am very, very excited about both projects, and I'm very much looking forward to working with the wonderful Steve Palmer again (engineer and co-producer of 'Ye Olde Silent Inn') and also my good friend Chris Gill. I also look forward to singing for Steve Palmer and Chris Gill on their own projects.

I am looking forward to a small and select handful of live performances too... Chosen for the atmosphere of the venues and events, and involving fun and inspiring shared performances with some hugely talented musicians. I will so much enjoy getting my faery frock, wings and sparkles on for the Magical Faerie Festival in May, and at the Elemental Gathering in July. I'll be glad to be back up on the moors again for a couple of gigs, including one in my favourite inn - the Old Silent Inn - at Stanbury in October. I am very excited about sharing a concert with the inimitable Ash Mandrake in the haunted ballroom of the Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury, on the 7th of June. I also look forward to sharing some concerts and performances with a wonderful didgeridoo player and healer named Chris Thorn (our first gig together is at Powis Castle on the 17th of January). Please do look at my gig calendar page from time to time to see the new performance dates as they are added.

Well... That's enough about me... I'd like to thank you so much for the wonderful support, interest and enthusiasm you've given me this year. I am very happy and grateful for the positive feedback received for my new baby 'Ye Olde Silent Inn'. Thank you xxx

I wish you love, happiness and laughter, and of course, sparkles :-)

Beck xxx

Downloads now available - November 21, 2012

Great news!! For those of you who prefer to buy individual songs, or the entire 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' album via digital downloads, you can do so now from ;-)

Beck Siàn 'live' on BBC Sunday Folk - November 15, 2012

Please tune in to Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk show on BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Stoke and BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester between 7 - 9pm on Sunday 9th December: Genevieve will be chatting with Beck about the new album 'Ye Olde Silent Inn', plans for 2013, and Beck will play and sing a couple of songs 'live'.


Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk

Brought up in Warwickshire and trained in drama at Stratford-on-Avon, Genevieve has been a folkie since the age of 17.

Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk has its roots in the tradition - but that doesn't mean it's living in the past. You can hear the latest releases first on Genevieve's show, alongside traditional favourites.

Let Genevieve’s passion for folk music introduce you to some new favourites and listen to live sessions from the ‘legendary’ middle studio.


Text: 81333 and start your message with folk

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A new gig just added - November 6, 2012

A chance to get to know Beck and her unique music a little bit better, in a beautiful setting...

A lunchtime soiree with Beck Siàn in the restaurant at Powis Castle, Welshpool, mid Wales. 17th January, 2013.

Starting at 11:30am, Beck will perform songs from her 3 CDs, as well as a few fun extras, and will talk a little about her songwriting processes, followed by a delicious lunch. Booking is essential. £7.95 (or you can get special deals if you book at attend 4 lunchtime events at the castle - there are all sorts of interesting talks and demonstrations happening).

For more information and to book tickets, please email:

Samhain Avalon Faery Ball - October 9, 2012

A new performance just added... I have been invited to perform at the Samhain Avalon Faery Ball on Saturday 27th October in the Glastonbury Town Hall ( The Dolmen are also performing, and more! Get your faery clothes and sparkles on and enjoy music, fashion, art and performance amongst the fae folk. For tickets visit

Now... where did I put my wings? :-)

Ye Olde Silent Inn - Available now!! - September 10, 2012

Hello. I am bursting with excitement! 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' is now available!!

You can purchase your copy of 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' right now on the BUY page. Downloads will be available to purchase from CD Baby in a few week's time.

I really hope this CD will take you on magical, haunting journeys. Creating it has given me so much joy,

Love & Sparkles,

Beck xx

SPECIAL OFFER!! Unfurling only £4.00!! - August 8, 2012

For a short time only you can purchase Beck Siàn's beautiful, ethereal CD 'Unfurling' for only £4.00!! (plus £1.40 postage to anywhere in the world!)

This special offer is available now on the BUY page.

A few tickets left! - July 27, 2012

Please hurry! There are only a few tickets left for the launch of 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' :-)


Buy tickets for music, comedy, theatre, film, festivals and much more - with the best service in UK ...

A lovely grey day! - April 20, 2012

It's raining outside and all is grey and dark, and I feel very moody and happy!

I've added a couple of new treasures to the 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' pledge list: you can now commission me to create a unique paper dragonfly hanging sculpture/mobile for you (I love dragonflies!), or you can ask me to record a cover song of your choice! All money pledged will go towards funding the 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' CD. Please see the BUY page for details.

Thank you to the wonderful people who have already pledged their support to 'Ye Olde Silent Inn'. I couldn't do this without you and I'm very, very grateful. Thank you for believing in me, and the music.

The album is progressing spectacularly. I've had one recording session with Steve Palmer in Shropshire, and we've almost completed two songs. I'll be spending the day with him again this Sunday, to record some more. Chris Gill has written some absolutely stunning music to contribute to the CD, and we've been working on the songs together via email! (He's down in Cornwall). I'm also off to London in June to record some of the songs. I'm having such a brilliant time pulling the songs together and working with Steve and Chris (thanks you two!!)

Well, I think it's time for a walk in the rain!


Best Wishes & Sparkles,

Beck xx

'Ye Olde Silent Inn' CD Launch!! - February 6, 2012



Beck Siàn and the Folk at the Wuthering Heights PRESENT...  Beck's 3rd full-length CD 'Ye Olde Silent Inn'...


'Ye Olde Silent Inn' will be officially launched by Beck Siàn (in conjunction with the fabulous 'Folk at the Wuthering Heights' Club) on:


Sunday 11th November, 2012




The Old Silent Inn   (of course!! :-)

Hob Lane



West Yorkshire

UK  BD22 0HW


Phone: 01535 647437 or 640292




This will be a tiny, intimate concert and CD launch, in a very special and atmospheric haunted inn up on the moors. Clearly The Old Silent Inn and its ghost stories and location have had a big influence on my songwriting and on my new CD. I can't wait to present the songs from 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' to you in an acoustic and personal way, surrounded by good friends, candle-light and the wind wuthering on the moors.


I'll be in touch again soon with more details about how to book tickets. In the meantime, if you intend to be at the launch, you might want to consider staying the night at the Old Silent, and therefore should contact them now to see if any rooms are still available, or to get suggestions of other places to stay nearby.



Best Wishes & Sparkles,

Beck xxx


Frosty Fabulous February - February 2, 2012


It's February... there's frost outside... and I feel very pleased with the way the new CD ideas are coming together. In fact, at the moment I have too many songs ideas... too many songs. As you know, each of my previous CDs had 16 songs on them (although some were little atmospheric 'joining' pieces)... but at the moment I have over 20 to choose from. I love this stage of planning a new collection... allowing the songs to almost choose themselves and fall into place. I am going to write some more on these pages about the new CD soon - I'd like to tell you about the themes and ideas. Alas, I am out of time now, but please watch this space, and I'll be back soon,

Beck xxx

Warm Wintery Wishes - December 18, 2011

Another year slips by and my head is filled with 2012. Lots to look forward to this year... just a tiny little selection of live gigs, to keep me in performing practice and to share fun and music with friends and fellow musicians. My main focus in 2012 will be recording my third full-length CD, 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' - and I am SO excited! I have asked some very special and talented people to help me record the CD in the Summer and I can't wait. After this CD... I already have plans for the next two... including a Wintery/seasonal collection. Thank you for your ongoing interest and support. Thank you for the beautiful letters, emails, drawings, poems, CDs and handmade gifts. Thank you for staying with me on this creative journey. I wish you all the best for the season, and for a sparkly, magical 2012. Take care and be happy :-) Beck xxx

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