February Sunshine


Outside the sun is shining and the sky is bright and pale blue. I’ve opened the window and a fresh, almost Spring-like scent is curling and dancing into the room. I spotted snowdrops bobbing in the breeze on my walk down the hill into Welshpool this morning.


The writing for my two new CDs is going well – I already have far too many lyrics and ideas, and some will be lost and left behind along the way, perhaps to be used somewhere else in future.


As with my past three recordings, I will have a mixture of my own words and those of one of my favourite poets. Tennyson and Hardy joined the party on my first two CDs, and Longfellow came for a walk across the moors with me on my last CD ‘Ye Olde Silent Inn’. Actually, Longfellow’s words and I have become such good friends and he is still very much a part of my life. Some of his poems are insisting on being included on my two new CDs, and I now have the challenge and joy of setting them to music.


I have yet to decide on names for the new CDs… I affectionately think of them as ‘My Dark Project’ and ‘Cold Robins’. I won’t try to force the final titles upon these song collections… I will let them come naturally…


In the meantime, ‘My Dark Project’ is very much about vampires and supernatural romances, and haunted houses. I’m having a glorious time writing for this one. I’m enjoying being able to freely tap into the slightly gothic, melancholic and dramatic parts of myself. In fact, I think this one is going to be a little bit sexy J


‘Cold Robins’ is to be a Wintery treat… snow and ice, frost and more frost. I have composed an instrumental piece on piano, at the moment called ‘Frost’. It is a cold, poignant song and I feel like I’m slipping backwards through time as I play it. There will be a lot of frosty  ivy and icy holly, and of course, some cold little robins.


Back to the notebook,


Blessings and sparkles,

Beck xx

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