Working with Beck Siàn

Twice now I have had the good fortune to work with Chris Gill on my CDs ('Luminous Wings & Unseen Things' and 'Ye Olde Silent Inn'). I feel absolutely honoured to have been able to sing with Chris's fabulous music.

Chris has kindly written a few words about collaborating with me on these musical projects:

"Beck Sian is one of the most under rated female singers around at the moment. As if that wasn’t enough, she is also a tremendous songwriter.

It has been my pleasure to work with Beck on quite a few occasions now, I helped to co produce her second album 'Luminous Wings and Unseen Things' album throughout most of 2009.

We recorded the album in a rambling farmhouse in the middle of Wales, the house gave a great deal to the atmosphere of the album, but could not compare to the brilliance of Becks inventiveness and dedication to her art.

This in turn made recording her singing , a very easy process for me, and most of the vocal takes were done in one go, a rare feat indeed!

Listening to Beck through the headphones live is something that you need to experience to understand. She has the power to go deep inside and bring forth a tempest and a howl that is primal, and yet, in the next breath can sing so beautifully you could scarcely believe it was the same person.

That said you can experience this on her live gigs…There are always live gigs, if you get the chance to go, you will be glad that you did…

Musically, Beck has a very natural understanding of melody, she can put so many different permutations together, particularly with her harmonies, and there are always some new ideas to work with.

Beck entrusted me with the task of putting together some music for her for Luminous Wings. She gave me a walk through her mind, and told me about all the things that she wanted from the music… I would get back to the main studio and lock myself away to try to conjure something up from the visions…

Amazingly, the songs would come very quickly, it was as though I had already heard them… When I presented them to her, and she would put the vocal melody on almost immediately, like she knew what was coming…

The same process happened on 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' 2012.

'Ye Olde Silent Inn' Is filled with wonder, I was asked to produce 4 songs for the album which I did, the songs came to me through the same route, Beck would intimate what she wanted, and I would just go and do it…

'Ye Olde Silent Inn' for me is Becks best album by far... It’s a new more confident Beck who has smashed down the wall and is revealing herself to be a force among singer songwriters…

While it is true that Beck is related to Kate Bush, and there are other family members on the album too…. To compare Beck to Kate Bush is a pointless exercise. Beck is an artist in her own right, and she can hold her own with anyone.

My hope is that this album finally puts her where she should be. I am confident that Beck and I will do more music in the future. I am counting the days and hours" Chris Gill (Band of Rain)


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