Beck in a new musical duo!

Beck Sian has formed a new musical duo with David Brimacombe of The Kevin Buckingham Band!

Beck and Dave have named themselves 'B&D Duo' and they have already started performing together and are receiving very positive feedback. Not only that but Beck & Dave have started recording a few tracks together!

'Raw & Real', Beck & Dave are excited by the idea of presenting songs in a very organic and natural way, with honest passion and energy.

Beck is very excited to be working and creating with Dave, who is a seasoned performer, skilled guitarist and talented singer. Dave is already known for his work with his other groups: 'Now & Then Duo' with Grady Wilkins and The Kevin Buckingham Band with Kevin Buckingham, Winston Galea and Peter Neagoe. Here's a little bit of background about Dave, from The Kevin Buckingham Band Reverbnation page (

"David was in a number of cover bands back in the 80’s, and also dabbled in song-writing, with an entry into the Australasian Pater Music Awards being ranked within the top 5% (of approx. 4,000 entries – open to both amateur & professional artists). After a layoff, David later reinvented himself by taking up acoustic guitar, gaining a greater appreciation for technique, dynamics and the art of performing. David also challenged himself to become the proficient vocalist (both lead and backing) he is today. Prior to picking up his electric guitar again, and helping form the KBB, David played the acoustic circuit for over 10 years, both solo and Duo, and has supported fine acts including Peter Cupples & Ronnie Peers and Lloyd Spiegel (several times)."


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