Luminous Wings & Unseen Things

Influenced by the many themed gardens of a haunted Welsh castle a



This album is a follow up of the different topics highlighted in their Ethereal EP.


Ye Olde Silent Inn

An album released in 2012 that contains fourteen unique songs for you to enjoy.


In the Winter Dark

Released on October 31, 2014. This by far is one of my most favorite albums that she has made.


About the Musician

Background and History

Beck Siàn was born in the Australian city of Melbourne. Her Mom is Welsh, while her Dad is English but descended from an Irish family. In 2004, she won the Ranges Folk Festival Songwriting Award for music from her Unfurling album.

Her original music is influenced by the material, physical world, and mythology around her as well as other similarly theme motifs.

So, where do we go from here? Fans of Beck's work should be in for an exciting year as she continues to perfect her craft and develop future compositions.

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